Rule 1:

The responsibility of organizing and managing the Zayed Sports Tournament is entirely upon the Supreme Organizing Committee, which issues schedules, fixtures and takes all necessary measures to ensure the success of the tournament.

Rule 2:

All teams and individuals who want to participate in the activities of the Zayed Sports Tournament organized by the Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel’s Recreation Department must pay the registration fees.

All teams participating in the Football Championships, must pay an insurance fee of AED 3000. Insurance fees are refundable at the end of the tournament. The Insurance fee will not be refunded in the event of withdrawal or committing any violation.

Rule 3:

Please complete the below steps to participate in the Zayed Sports Tournament:

  1. Fill out the online participation form and upload your UAE ID or Passport.
  2. Provide (2) photographs of each participant.
  3. Fulfill registration payment as per the sport category.

Rule 4:

Each team must deliver the final list of players before the game draw.

Rule 5:

Each team is allowed to register foreign players regardless of their nationalities.

Rule 6:

A player or team will be disqualified from the tournament if the registered data does not match the UAE ID or Passport of the player.

Rule 7:

If a confirmed player may not be able to participate for any reason, they must seek for permission according to the rules below:

  1. Request an approval of a substitute registration from the Organizing Committee.
  2. The substitute player must not be a member of another team participating in the Zayed Tournament.
  3. A charge of a AED 600 will be applied for the substitution of any player and will be charged to the incoming substitute player.
  4. Football Only: Teams will not be allowed to substitute players prior to the quarter finals for the categories of Men and Women.

Rule 8:

Individual or team registration data will remain strictly confidential and will be managed by the Organizing Committee.

Rule 9:

The Team Manager will be issued with player registration identity cards, which should be carried by each player throughout the tournament.

Rule 10:

Players participating in the Zayed Sports Tournament must be medically fit to participate.The Organizing Committee, the Management or the Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel will not take responsibility for any accident, injury or death.

Rule 11:

The Organizing Committee shall have the right to reject any participant / team in the event if the number of registered persons/ teams reaches the maximum allowed for each game.

Rule 12:

The Organizing Committee shall be entitled to cancel a game if the required registration numbers have not been met. Registered participants will receive a full refund of their registration and insurance fee.

Rule 13:

A participant is not allowed to apply in more than one team of the same sport. In the event that the same participant has been registered twice or more, the first registration will be considered as final.

Specific sports regulations for individual and team are available upon request.